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The Canadian currency is the 4th most valued currency in the world giving it an outstanding prestige all over the world. It is the currency used in Canada and abbreviated as CAD


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Security features of our bank notes below :
Intaglio printing
Security thread
See-through register
Special foil/special foil elements
Iridescent stripe / shifting colors.

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The history of the Canadian Dollar

In Pre-colonial Canada, various objects such as shells, glass beads, and animal furs were used as means of trade. Even after the area became New France, pieces of playing cards were often accepted as legal tender when currency became scarce.

In the early 1800s, banks and merchants began issuing their own bank notes in order to trade. However, there was a constant loss of notes, silver and gold coins to the United States as a result of cross border trading, which lead to the Canadian Parliament taking control of issuing currency. In 1867, Canada became a confederation and begun issuing Dominion of Canada bank notes.

Notes issued by both the government and charted banks were used until 1934, when the Bank of Canada was formed. Thereafter, sole control of printing money passed to the Bank of Canada, which became responsible for regulating the money supply and promoting the financial well-being of Canada. On March 11, 1935, the first bank notes issued by the Bank of Canada entered into circulation.

Currently, the Canadian Dollar is the seventh most heavily traded currency in the world.

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Due to its stable economic and political conditions, Canada is one of the most attractive countries to live in. However, life there can be quite expensive despite all the benefits this country has to offer. People buy counterfeit Canadian money for one simple reason; to have a better life. The Canadian dollar is the fifth most traded currency in the world and is a good reason to pre-purchase fake Canadian dollar bills.


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Legit Canadian bills are a fine art that can be identified by sight and touch very often. Made from a polymer material as the government does, our counterfeit Canadian bills are made to be undetectable by touch.


The use of polymer makes it difficult to be destroyed when roughly handled unlike other fake bills made with paper. As such, our bills withstand climate changes and the ink does not seem to fade off when exposed to moisture.


Also, touch the huge number, the shoulders of the huge portrait, and the words “Bank of Canada” and “Banque du Canada” on the front of the banknote. You will discover that they’re raised to the touch just like authentic bills.


Tilt the upper part of the counterfeit bill in your direction. You will see sharp color adjustments within the metal construction found in the transparent large window.

Look at the metal portrait within the huge window, it suits the huge portrait at the front of the counterfeit banknote.


Look at the numbers in and across the huge window concord with the number value written in word and a number of them seem to be reversed. Similar to authentic Canadian bills, our counterfeit banknotes have a transparent frosted maple leaf window.


Finally, like all authentic bills, our counterfeit Canadian money is made of a holographic strip which is different from stickers used by most counterfeiters.


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Buy counterfeit Canadian money that is identical to legit banknotes in all confidence. We use the latest technology to produce high-quality counterfeit banknotes and security features that help protect you from all security checks. Our printing processes managed services, and focus on quality make us the perfect choice for every currency. Banknotes are a country’s way of showing its business to the world.


The design features and properties of banknotes, like color-shift, tactile and interactive elements, make them easily identifiable and mechanically processed. Our counterfeit banknotes are printed on high-quality polymer. Since most banknotes are made from traditional cotton paper, the Canadian government chose this plastic-like material because it is difficult to replicate. The new, crisp notes that sound good are trusted.


In addition, this polymer is right for the combination of examined and revolutionary safety functions, at the same time as watermarks, safety threads and foils make sure that the value of each bill is protected.


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